Prevent Breech Deliveries and Surgery
Date : 23-Aug-2013

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. I want to tell you about a noninvasive system to ease the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, both for the mother and the child. In a normal pregnancy, the baby is supposed to lie in the uterus with the head down. However, often times the head is up which makes it more difficult to have a normal childbirth. This is call the "breech" position. Statistics show that 4% of pregnancies are breech by the 34th week. Doctors have ways of turning the baby around during childbirth and if that is not successful then they will usually deliver the child through a surgical procedure called "Caesarian Section". In the year 2007, 33% of all childbirths were performed surgically and 13% of those surgeries were due to breech presentations.

What causes a breech presentation during pregnancy?

First we need to become acquainted with some of the physiology. There are three large bones that make up the pelvis and the sacrum. When any of these pelvic bones misalign, they can pull onto the ligaments of the uterus. (These are called the broad ligament and the round ligament.) When these ligaments constrict, (especially during the 34th week of pregnancy) it can prevent the fetus from moving around freely within the uterus. This is called intrauterine constraint and it can prevent the baby from turning head down. There is a very gentle technique called the Webster Technique which aligns the pelvis and sacral bones into their proper alignment, and then proceeds to relax the specific areas of spasm in the uterine muscles. Even though this is not successful in 100% of the cases, the Webster Technique boasts of an 82% success rate. I have been using this technique for the last 10 years with similar positive results.
It's safe!
It's gentle!
It's healthy for the mother!
It's healthy for the baby!

So Why Would Anyone want to do Surgery.....

when there is a safe, effective alternative. My approach to healthcare has always been: Try noninvasive procedures first. Your body was not meant to undergo surgery. Save that option for emergencies or when there is no other choice.

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