Why do so few Americans achieve optimal health? What is the true crux of the problem? The truth is that modern medicine has been extremely succesfull saving lifes in acute situations. Yet, the percentage of people that attain optimal health, free from dis-ease is still very minimal at best. We hear more and more frequently of younger people contracting degenerative disease. Heart disease and cancer are still the number one and two killers in America today and, prescription medications are the number three cause of death in the US. People everywhere continue to look for solutions and cures, but unless they possess some very specialized knowledge, they will not find a total solution.


It’s not the System
You could go into any health food store and buy a series of vitamins, and try eating “healthy”. You can read books or magazine articles on natural health and try different systems. Many of these articles are contradictory which leaves you wondering which way to go. At best you will get some relief; at worst, you could be hurting yourself. The health of your blood and urine may not be improving, and may even be getting worse. Just as the traditional approach to taking medications and OTC’s (over the counter drugs) at the sign of every pain or headache is destroying the potential of ever reaching optimum health, so too is the random taking of vitamins and changing diets costing you money by not understanding what your body really needs to establish optimum health...It is only through the help of a health care professional who is trained in preventative healthcare who can monitor your objective health status, and give you proper guidance in establishing a true healthy lifestyle...can you hope to achieve optimum health.

Core of the Problem
Have you ever wondered how the insurance companies have gained control of the health care delivery systems?? Both Doctors and Hospitals have to answer to the Insurance Companies to prove that you need care and oftentimes it is you the patient that may be missing the care that is vitally necessary for your health.


Picture this: a patient is having very serious pain in some body part and the x-ray facility is required to wait, sometimes even days, until the insurance co. gives the approval to pay for the diagnostic procedure. Many times the request is denied. If the problem is a minor one, then all is well and good, but if the problem is of a more serious, time sensitive issue, the patient could really suffer from this avoidable error in judgment.

How Our Health System Works
Until the past few decades, there was only one source to go to fulfill medical/health needs, and that was a medical doctor. Whenever someone became sick, they would take some pill to get better and over the years they would just become more and more dependent on drugs and medications to “cure their ills”. Under this scenario their bodies never had a chance to build health and prevent disease. Bacteria became and continue to become a health hazard. Super strains of bacteria are becoming more difficult to treat with antibiotics and medication.

Think out of the box! 
What if You Could Create Your Own Health Building Program

...That will build health and keep you feeling at your optimum? What if there was a system that could help you feel better then you have ever imagined. Free from colds and flu’s, living daily with abundant energy, able to accomplish your maximum potential in life as you fulfill all of your goals and dreams?

Well, you can! ...Through our unique Integrated Chiropractic Health System. 
Review our “Re-Align Your Health” presentation (click here) to view. This Macro/Holistic Model outperforms any health system available today. 
Once you understand the “Health Pyramid” in the “Re-align Your Health” interactive presentation (click here) you will begin to realize how traditional allopathic healthcare has been preventing the achievement of optimal wellness.


You may have tried other forms of healthcare and made some progress. Discovering how our Integrated Chiropractic Health System can help you is like finding the last number in the combination that allows you to open the vault; a combination that eludes most people in America today. Once you fully grasp the concepts shown in the “Health Pyramid”, and you realize how a healthful lifestyle enhances all aspects of living, you will begin to discover the truth about how to use your body and mind to its greatest efficiency.

Health is your most important asset! 
Without it, life comes to a screeching halt. As you begin your day, your body and mind must be functioning at their peak capacity all day long. You don’t have time to allow fatigue, pain, or dis-ease to blow that business deal, or affect that interview. If the children need you, you don’t have the option to lie down with a headache and zero energy.

The flow of health and energy must come from a supply source, a reservoir. That reservoir must come from you…a source of healthy nerve supply, healthy functioning cells, and a balanced emotional state.

That is the essence of what health is all about. 

Someone has to take control your health and it might as well be you!