Dr. Stanley I. Miller graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1982 with special honors in Clinical Expertise. After years of post-graduate work, Dr. Miller achieved proficiency in applied kineseology. He has achieved the status of ‘Advanced Proficiency’ in the Activator Methods spinal adjusting technique. In 1996, Dr. Miller became a Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. 

He has been practicing holistic chiropractic in his Brooklyn office for over 25 years and in his Rockland office for the past 20 years. Dr. Miller writes often in the local community newspapers on health and anti-aging, and gives ongoing classes in topics such as Weight Loss and Stress Management and Nutrition.

Purpose: It is our purpose to help our clients reach optimum health through a unique process of holistic chiropractic care where we align your spine, tune your nervous system and improve your posture. Each one of our clients has the opportunity to learn the process of how to enhance their health through the learning process of proper nutrition, stress management, and the development of proper attitudes necessary to achieve health and healing. 

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