Scoliosis and Severe Back Pain

My daughter was saved from back surgery


My pain is gone and I can walk again!


Scoliosis and Severe Back Pain

I originally came in to Dr. Miller’s office for mid to upper back pain that I’ve suffered for years. I had terrible back pain, walking, standing, sitting.Along with the back pain was a scoliosis. I right away signed up for Dr. Miller’s 6 month program and I’ve seen a major change. My back is straight, I used to walk crooked and now my back is straight, my back doesn’t hurt, and I feel like a different person. Also, in the middle of the program I had gotten pregnant, and I felt so weak and I had no strength. My face was pale. After my treatments, I developed more strength and the color to my face was restored. 

Dina Parness

My Dizzines Cured!

I am a patient of Dr. Miller and have been his patient for 15 years. I can’t even tell you how much benefit I’ve gotten. He helped my entire family. My children, my husband, and myself. I had a very bad dizziness that I developed from a viral infection. With his extra skilled handling of my case I’ve done remarkably well. He’s dedicated and does this with his whole heart and we all feel privileged to be his patient. 

Esther Herzl 65

I Was Cured with Severe Back Pain and My Child's Learning Disability Improved!

I was in a very serious car accident which left me bedridden with severe pain and dizziness. I literally could not move. Through his various skills and techniques, Dr. Miller brought me back to life. From basic chiropractic to cranial work and all of his incredible expertise. From that experience alone I owe to him the fact that I’m even standing on my two feet and taking care of my family. Another story that I’d like to share is in regards to my son. He seemed troubled at school. He was not relating to the other children and was not keeping up academically as well. The school counselors told me that the child would need counseling and he would probably need to be put on medication. Dr. Miller used a very gentle chiropractic technique that produced incredible results. This child became a totally different child after just 2-3 visits. He’s happy, and communicative. His teachers cannot believe the change. I have my old child back again! I highly recommend using Dr. Miller. 

Mrs. M. Gertner, 45

Improved Metabolism

I have to say that the changes I went through were gradual but consistent. I’ve been working with Dr. Miller and the Age Management Solutions for over a year now and I’ve grown tremendously in that time. My moods cleared up, and I’m more in touch with myself. I’m more aware of my body’s needs, both physical and emotional. I feel as though a depressive feeling has lifted off. I’m left feeling much lighter, and happier. After the workshop I learned that there are rules that empower me to take care of my health. I learned that I can really have control over what I put into my mouth. It was very liberating to learn how the system works, and to see the connections and effects foods have on my body, both on a hormonal and metabolic level. I can now take control of my health. Thank you Dr. Miller! 

Ella Levenson

Posture Improved and Pain Gone

I came to Dr. Miller originally for a pain in my shoulder. After joining Dr. Miller’s program, my pain completely went away. But even more important than the pain is that my posture is improving. In my whole life I never had such great posture, and now through Dr. Miller’s coaching, adjustments, and exercises, I have developed an approach to how to sit straight and walk straight. That’s what I appreciate the most. 

M. Kohn

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