The Wonders of Manuka Honey
Date : 07-Apr-2013

Now that the Holidays are over it's time to get back into our normal routines. Just last week I discovered a new food that warrants our investigation. I'm sure you've heard that Honey has many healing properties. That is true, however, Manuka Honey has healing potential more than 200 times that of regular honey.
Manuka honey comes from New Zealand, is all raw and has been shown to possess strong antibiotic healing capabilities without the side effects of destroying healthy bacteria in the colon and without the other serious downside to antibiotics in that it does not create resistant strains of bacteria.

Manuka Honey has been shown to effect healing over skin burns, wounds, and ulcers. In comparison to antibiotic creams it was 30% quicker and more effective. If you have any type of skin sore, apply the honey daily and cover with a gauze. You can even mix the honey with flour and cover. This makes for a long lasting poultice, but you still need to change it daily.

Taken internally, this wonder food can help your body heal from infections, soothes the stomach lining (may help for stomach ulcers). There have been claims that it can help fight against cancer, diabetes and cholesterol, but that has not been demonstrated as of yet.

If you decide to try this honey make sure to get the "Active Manuka Honey" with a rating of at least 10. 15 and 20 is even more potent but also more expensive. Higher ratings means that it contains high levels of a compound called MG- Methylglyoxal.

You can put a teaspoon of the honey in coffee, tea, over bread or take it straight. It has a light pleasant aromatic flavor.

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Until Next Time....