Super Nut Recipe for Ultimate Health
Date : 06-Jan-2013

Nuts are very healthy. They are high in natural oils including omega-3, and they have a significant amount of protein and fiber as well. However, they also have enzyme inhibitors. In order for a seed to germinate the conditions have got to be just right. If a seed falls off a tree into dry soil, the seed will not germinate.

As soon as there is enough rain and moisture, the seed begins to germinate. So, our creator placed enzyme inhibitors in the nuts and seeds to prevent growth until there is enough water. The water breaks down these enzyme inhibitors and frees up the seed to allow germination and growth into new plants, trees etc. Now, when we buy raw nuts and seeds from the store, we're getting those enzyme inhibitors as well. They are not healthy for us, because they can drain our bodies of our own natural enzymes. (All of our tissue cells depend on enzyme for many metabolic processes.) As a result, these enzyme inhibitors actually inhibit our metabolic function.

Follow this recipe and you will dissolve these inhibitors and you won't believe how good they taste. My grandson does not like nuts. In fact he will never be caught eating them. One time he came to my house from a long trip and he was famished. I offered him my specially prepared nuts. He tasted them and proceeded to eat up the entire batch. This recipe brings out a very wholesome flavor in the nuts as well as increasing their vitamins and minerals.
They're easy to make so here we go:

Take a batch of raw nuts or seeds such as walnuts, almonds, or sunflower seeds.
(Please Note: They Must Be Raw in order for this to work.)
Place them in a jar and cover with water.
Let them sit overnight. (Minimum of 8 hours for larger nuts and 4-6 hours for smaller seeds.) In the morning, drain and dry them with a towel to get rid of excess water.
Place on a cookie sheet and spread them out.
Add salt. I use the Himalayan Salt since it is high in minerals. (You can also use sea salt)
Place in the oven.
Turn on the oven to the lowest possible temperature. ( If the temp is too high you will kill the natural enzymes and you'll merely get roasted nuts. No good.)
Let the nuts and seeds heat up and dry in the oven until totally dried out. This may take six hours or so. You can start checking after four hours. Taste them to see if they're ready.
Then, voila.
Let me know how this worked for you.
Until Next Time.......

To Your Health,

Dr. Stanley I. Miller, D.C.