Should Vitamins be Taken with or without Meals?
Date : 13-Jan-2013

Hello Everyone,
I want to address a question that is basically common to all of us.
When is the best time to take your vitamins. Morning, afternoon, evening?
With meals, or without meals?
The truth is that every vitamin is different and to get the maximum efficiency from the supplements, you will want to take them properly.
Many of my patients will often tell me:
"I must take all my vitamins at once. Otherwise I forget and don't take them at all."
I will tell this person: " OK then take them all at once".
But I'm telling you now that that's NOT the best approach.
Different supplements have different effects and MUST be taken at specific intervals to get any results at all. For example: Whereas it is true that many supplements should be taken along with your meals, I recommend that you take your probiotics on an empty stomach. Probiotics (such as acidophilus and bifidus) are used to enhance your intestinal functions. They need to implant into the intestinal walls so if you take them with food, some will implant properly, but most will get digested into the bloodstream along your food (and other supplements). They will not do you any good there. Obviously, digestive enzymes should be taken with your meals in order to help you to digest your food. If you have a stomach disorder such as acid reflux, I will often recommend a liquid herb such as aloe vera and this too should be taken on an empty stomach. (20 minutes before meals.) This will coat your stomach lining and help the tissues to heal. Stimulating vitamins and herbs should be taken in the morning and afternoon. If you take it later, it may keep you up at night. This includes herbs such as ginseng and any adaptogenic herb used to strengthen the adrenal gland to help combat stress. You general multivitamin / mineral complex should be consumed during meals since it is used to add nutrients to your meals (which is usually lacking in nutrients these days with all the chemical fertilizers etc.) Calcium, vit D, Vit C, B-complex all fall into this category and should be taken during meals.
I hope this clarifies the matter for you.
If you have a question about any specific supplement, send me an email and ' I will answer you in the next ezine.
That's all for now