Other Sources of Omega 3 Oils
Date : 17-Jun-2013

Hello Everyone,
One of the most highly advertised health food hypes is that of Omega 3 Fish Oil. In fact, many people call fish oil Omega 3. This is a fallacy since there are other forms of Omega 3 that can be equally beneficial to fish oil. For example, walnuts is high in Omega 3 oils. Eggs is an excellent source of omega 3. Can you imagine. After all you've been told that eggs can increase your cholesterol, could it be that the omega 3 is actually good for heart health? Chia seeds, and of course the famous flaxseed.
I like to grind up the flax into powder and mix it into my yogurt. So, when it comes to omega 3's, you have plenty of options. It doesn't have to be just fish oil.
There is one advantage that fish oil has over the other Omega 3's. It is that it contains DHA and EPA. The DHA is beneficial for improving memory and concentration. Great for kids who are have problems concentrating in school. Make sure your fish oil is high in DHA to cash in on those benefits.

So what is it about omega 3 that is so important?
Well, we've spent most of our lives eating processed foods. Deep fried potatoes, fried hamburgers, deep fried pastries etc. etc. Need I say more. These foods are extremely high in processed omega 6 fatty acids. These build up in your body to cause inflammation such as in back pain, joint pain, arthritis, gastritis, digestive disorders, liver toxicity, diabetes,fatigue and the list doesn't stop there. On the other side, omega 3 fatty acids help get rid of inflammation. According to Dr. Barry Sears, you need to have a balance of omega 3's to omega 6's and the 3's should outweigh the 6's. In order to compensate, we need to include plenty of omega 3's into our daily dietary regiment. And of course, stop eating the fast food deep fried garbage. I always tell my friends and patients that if you go to the store and buy yourself some junk food, go home and take all the food out of the bag. Then throw out the food and eat the bag. At least you'll be getting some good fiber. (Don't really do that. It's just to make the point.)
Anyway, I hope you learned something today.
Until next time....