Make Your Own Probiotics
Date : 17-Feb-2013

We spend so much money on vitamins, and sometimes that is very necessary. But there are many vitamins and minerals that can be gotten from the very foods that we eat.
Today I will focus on probiotics.
Yogurt contains some basic probiotics with Acidophilus being the most popular. Many food supplements contain only acidophilus in high dosage, but in reality you need to take a whole array of different forms of probiotics to get the best benefit. Some types that you may consider would be lactobacillus, streptococcus thermophilus, enterococcus etc. etc. and the list goes on.
To make things easier, just know that there are two types of bacteria that implant into the intestines: good bacteria and bad bacteria. You need enough of the good bacteria (probiotics) to build the immune system and help prevent infections. Fungus in the nails, as well as constipation, irritable bowel, and even arthritis, can all be from not enough good bacteria in the intestines.
Now, you can take probiotic supplements but first make sure that the supplement contains live cultures and that it also has a variety of cultures. Some products will be more effective than others!!
But, I have always found that fermented whole foods contain highly active enzymes and cultures which are highly absorbable and extremely beneficial for you health.
I will be talking about the importance of enzymes in another ezine. In the meantime, here is my recipe for your own homemade probiotics.
By the way, the whole process take under 45 minutes so don't get scared away.
Ingredients: Raw Beets, salt, apple cider vinegar and a pair of latex gloves.(so your hands don't stain.)

    1. Peel beets with a peeler.
    2. Dice the beets to the size of little cubes.
    3. Place in 3 ball mason jars. (I use the quart size, but you can use larger if you like.) You should fill up each jar almost to the top.
    4. Fill up jars with spring water or filtered water.
    5. Add 4 teaspoon salt to each jar.
    6. Add 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to each jar.
    7. Cover with a plastic plate.
    8. Hold the plate tight and turn jars upside down and shake up ingredients.
    9. Place in a dark warm place and let sit for 3-4 days. (depending on the room temperature.)
    10. When there is some discoloration and bubbles on top, strain out the water into old soda bottles that have a screw on top and pour the liquid into those bottles. You may want to use a funnel for this.
    11. Throw out the beets and clean the jars.
    12. Store the fermented beet juice in the refrigerator.

    You now have an incredible healthy drink full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and of course: probiotics. This drink is also highly beneficial for the liver, gall bladder and an excellent blood tonic.
    Drink from 3 cup - 2 cup daily.
    Please let me know how this worked for you.
    Until next time......