Help for Osteoporosis
Date : 10-Mar-2013

Hello Everyone,
I'm constantly hearing from my patients that they have either osteopoenia, or osteoporosis. This means that their bones are thinning leaving them at risk for fractures even at the slightest impact. (Depending on the severity of the condition) There are medications for osteoporosis, but the doctors themselves are now realizing that these medications do not create strong, healthy bones.
So the recommendation has been to take a good calcium with vitamin D.
But many times that is not enough.
Research has shown that exercise with weights will help build your bones and that is still a recommendation that I give to my patients regularly. Now there is another effective therapy to increase the strength of your bones. If you are concerned about developing early onset osteoporosis, then Read on: Scientists working with the astronauts discovered that when the astronauts came back from long trips in space, their bones were becoming weaker. They surmised that subjecting these astronauts to long periods of weightlessness leads to bone thinning. (just like exercising with weights thickens the bones.) So after much research, a whole new therapy came to light to help these astronauts become able to sustain long periods of weightlessness without developing osteoporosis.
This therapy is call Whole Body Vibration (WBV).
The good news is that I spent a year researching various WBV machines hoping to introduce this state of the art therapy to my patients. The best part is that I found a WBV machine that I tried out myself and feel that you would really enjoy this therapy. Not only does it increase bone mass, but it increases circulation, is good for blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy. And, as an added bonus, it is great exercise as it tones your muscles to reduce flab and increase muscle mass. The best part is that a ten minute session equals over an hour of exhaustive exercise.
If you are interested in participating in this therapy, I would like you to let me know either by sending me an email, or just calling my office. Either Feigie or Malka will be glad to schedule a session for you.
As you know, I'm always looking to give you the most up to date, state of the art in natural and healthful therapies.
Until next time.....