Dizziness and Vertigo
Date : 02-Jun-2013

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Dizziness is become more prevalent in the past few years. It used to be that people when they reach their older years would complain of this disorder along with an inability to maintain balance. That's why we hear of the elderly losing their balance and falling.
What's the cause of dizziness?
Well, there are many possible causes of dizziness. Worst case scenario is a brain tumour pressing on the accoustic nerve that goes to the inner ear. Don't worry because that is not all that common. A virus can cause dizziness, but that would go away in a few days. If you have chronic dizziness, it could be BPPV. (Benign Proxismal Positional Vertigo) What happens here is that the small bones in the inner ear move out of position which causes dizziness.
Another cause of dizziness and balance disorders can be a cerebellar weakness. I hope you will take advantage of our neurological exam because it will help determine the underlying cause of your dizziness and balance disorder. Once we examine you, I will map out a treatment protocol to help you regain your balance and relieve your dizziness. It's not a matter of just taking medications. The problem has to be addressed and treated accordingly.
If you or any one in your family is suffering from chronic dizziness or balance disorders, call my office to schedule your neurological exam. (Only $27)
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