Balance and Coordination
Date : 11-Aug-2013

Hello Everyone,
Oftentimes I'm asked: "Who adjusts you? The truth is that I get adjusted regularly. That's what keeps me going. It keeps body energy level at its peak and my posture straight. In fact, just last week I got an upper cervical adjustment from a very good upper cervical doctor in Howell, NJ. I traveled an hour to see him. Yes, I will travel to see a good doctor just like it's not uncommon for people to travel from a distance to come into my office for an adjustment.

I had a major breakthrough!

I walked out of the office and into the parking lot and I found myself walking more erect and I noticed that my arms were swinging in a very large arc, and my pelvis was rotating in conjunction with my arms.
I felt like I just wanted to keep on walking. It was an amazing feeling. The weather was beautiful and my energy and mental attitude was at its peak.

Chiropractic is a lot more than just getting rid of back pain!

Studies have shown that when you walk, you are actually pumping endorphins from the movement in the spine and into the brain. Something like a windmill that generates its own energy, or those watches that rewind just from hand movements.

But if you're not walking properly, your brain will not get the proper neurological input from your spine.

Observe your walk.

Are you swaying your arms?
Is your pelvis swaying along with the arm movements?

If not, you must get your spine adjusted to open up a greater potential for health and well being.

I have a special evaluation to determine if your coordination and neurological balance is working properly.

Call my office to schedule this evaluation and I'll make my recommendations on how to remedy the situation while enhancing the overall health of your spine and nervous system.

Until next week......