Health can be regarded as a triangle, with one side representing structural balance , the 2nd side representing nutritional health, and the third, emotional freedom. If there is a breakdown in any one of these “legs”, the triangle falls apart and dis-ease ensues.

As a patient of Dr. Miller, you will be carefully and expertly treated for any imbalance in your lifestyle in order to restore your body to its fullest capacity. You will be assessed regularly to ascertain that you are realizing your goals. Patients who complete a full year’s program often come out feeling alive with vitality.While there are no guarantees in life, there are proven methods you can do to improve your health. The key is prevention, which comes from living life with balance.

Some individuals have reservations to begin the process. The most common roadblock to a person entering care is fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are two distinct human responses. It really is a cognitive activity that we choose to do. Anxiety is the emotional response (tension, palpitations, worry, nervous, perspiration) to the cognitive appraisal of a threatening event. Both of these responses can cause people to stay away from various health care practitioners even though this might be the best thing for them.

Highly successful executives and athletes and people from all walks of life continue to utilize holistic, alternative health care practitioners to reach higher levels of health and well being.

In these times where people are searching for solutions to anti-aging and rejuvenation, why not join us on a journey that can lead you to optimum health, vigor, and vitality!

Dr. Miller’s Integrated Chiropractic Health System (ICHS) provides cutting edge health care that really works! Our unique process has enabled the patients we work with to achieve a state of optimum health. We guide our patients to the achievement of their goals: acute as well as chronic aches and pains, long term injuries that have not healed, and dis-ease that is preventing optimum function and develop a long term anti-aging strategy.

The Process
The first step to achieve Optimum Health is to build a strong foundational knowledge of how health is achieved. The standard approach to acquiring and maintaining health is not working... Let’s face it; there are so many approaches to health, many of which are contradictory. At the Center for Wellness and Anti-Aging, Dr. Miller simplifies what has been until now, complex and difficult to understand and implement.

Dr. Miller keeps in close contact with each patient. This keeps you on track and accountable. Any questions or difficulties that are experienced can be quickly explained and overcome with Dr. Miller’s expert help.

Many people have disabling beliefs about health. This is what holds most people back, and this is where a dependable health coach can become a priceless tool.

Getting Started
You will have an opportunity to “test the water” with our introductory Level 1 health care plan. The 30 day program will increase your confidence as you quickly see reduced pain and the beginning of improvement with more chronic health concerns. With this increased confidence, most patients continue to improve their health by enrolling in our Level 2 Care, which includes 4 months of continued healthcare. During these months, you will be advancing up the ladder of the Health Pyramid and preparing a foundation for more advanced health strategies. View our “Re-align Yourself” presentation for more information.

After the first 6 months of care, you will have implemented several powerful health strategies and will be on track for reaching your goal of achieving optimum health. You will be realizing the importance of taking responsibility for your-self and your health.