Pain Relief
Date : 21-Apr-2013

Hello Everyone,
I hope you had a nice weekend. It seems like spring is in the air, but it doesn't exactly want to show it's ace.
Slowly but surely we'll be enjoying the sun and warmth that goes along with it.
For now, I want to discuss a topic that could save you both dollars and your health.
Why do I say that?
Because many of you (if not most) are accustomed to running to the medicine cabinet for every little ache and pain. Aspirin, advil, aleve, etc. You know what I mean. Then, if after a week or two your pains don't get better, you'll start to seek out the advice of your medical doctor and he will possibly give you stronger meds, or maybe even a cortisone shot to relieve the pain.
Then, if your pain still persists, you might remember that you came to see Dr. Miller for a chiropractic adjustment and hopefully you will have started on your road to recovery.
Why is it that the medications and pain killers didn't work?
The answer is that these medications are not meant to heal. They're just meant to numb the pain and that's what most people want. "Get me out of pain", without really addressing what caused the pain.

The truth is that if I step on your foot you'll feel pain and your foot will inflame and probably begin to swell if I keep it there long enough. If you take a pain killer you may not feel the pain, but the swelling and inflammation will remain.
What's the cure?
I need to remove my foot in order for your foot to heal!

The same applies to your spine. If you have a fall, car accident, bend over and lift something heavy, or even sit at the computer with your shoulders tense and your head bent over to your shoulders to talk on the phone, you can keep taking meds to remove the pain, but chances are that spinal vertebrae may have moved out of place creating tremendous pressure on your spinal nerves.
When the bones are left in place, the nerves just become more and more irritated. The longer you wait to get the spine re-aligned, the more inflammation will set in and the harder it is to treat.
Usually you will need more adjustments to get the inflammation to settle and the nerves to heal.
For people who do not realize the importance of chiropractic care, they will just continue to follow more aggressive procedures to remove the pain without addressing the core issue. As a result, the spine starts to degenerate and over the years, arthritis begins to set it.
This is not a happy situation!
I highly recommend that you and your loved ones (family and friends) have yourself checked for SPINAL SUBLUXATIONS.
Call up TODAY for a SPINAL SCREENING. I will run a DTG (thermographic graph) to determine the presence and severity of spinal subluxation, and I will then take a Postural Analysis Grid to see what you are doing that could me preserving the subluxation and preventing healing.
Don't wait until it's too late.
Call Now to schedule an evaluation for either you or a family member.
And please pass this email to anyone who you think can benefit from chiropractic care.
Until next time.....