Is Your Life Fulfilling? The Ultimate Life Planner
Date : 10-Feb-2013

Hello Everyone,
Hopefully you already dug yourselves out of the snow and are back into full swing for the approaching week. Many people come into my office every week for all kinds of ailments ranging from low back and neck pain to hormone disorders and headaches. I will put them onto a particular protocol and usually with time they start to improve. But oftentimes there is a resistant case of stubborn chronic pain and inflammation that doesn't want to resolve.

Why is that?

Let me ask you this question:
Are you fulfilled in life?
Are you reaching all of your various potentials?

Most of us have more that we can accomplish but is just laying stagnant. In fact, there may be areas in our lives that are being left behind and it may be holding us back to the point of pain!
Let's take an introspective analysis of ourselves. Take a pen and paper and write down these titles:
1. Business/financial
2. Family
3. Spiritual
4. Personal/physical
5. Social

In order to be totally healthy, you must be complete in all these areas. Business/financial is self understood. Many of us tend to spend most of our times at work leaving our families behind. Or some may spend most of their time working out and exercising while leaving behind their spiritual and/or family life.
Now, next to each title, make a grid from one to five.
Next, give a grade to each title.
If you are at your potential in business give it a five.
If you feel that your family life needs help, you may give it a 2 or a 3.Your kids or spouse may need some more attention etc. etc. Draw a line out to reach the appropriate level on the grid. (Graph paper can be helpful here). You will see right away what you need to focus on. Keep all these areas in balance. They should all be equal.
Repeat this exercise in a month and look again for areas that have improved and what you need to spend more time at for the following month.
Keep this up until you reach your potential in all areas of life that have meaning for you.
This will help you on your path to health and wellness and you'll be much happier and fulfilled.
Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Until next time.....