Discover Your Hidden Allergies
Date : 03-Feb-2013

Hi Everyone,
If you are truly interested in being Healthy, then this Ezine is for you. We've discussed before the difference between an allergy that causes you to wheeze, or develop hives. People who have this type of allergy will know it readily since they develop symptoms immediately after they ingest the allergen.
The type of allergy that people are unaware of is the "delayed reaction" allergy. This is when you ingest a food that plays havoc on your immune system. Since it is a delayed reaction, you have no way of knowing exactly which foods are affecting you. It is this type of allergic response that can cause the body to slowly deteriorate and can lead to chronic pain that never goes away. Arthritic joints, swollen glands, chronic sinusitis, irritable bowel, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD and even obesity.

For over 20 years, the Alcat laboratories have been testing blood for exactly this type of allergy.
The process works as follows:
After drawing a sample of your blood we send it to the Alcat Labs in Florida. They take a drop of your blood and introduce a potential antigen to the blood. Antigens can be in the form of viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, and even day to day foods that you eat. If you are sensitive to a specific antigen, it will produce antibodies to fight against it. That is why your body gets "sick" when you catch a cold or flu. This is actually a healthy response of your immune system as it cleans your body from these bacteria and viruses and flushes them out through the natural channels of excretion.
The problem becomes when your body starts seeing regular, harmless foods as a toxin and creates an inflammatory response to get rid of the food. This reaction can lead to Chronic Degenerative Disease.
Our job is to isolate these foods and eliminate them from your diet.
When you start to do this, your body will begin to heal on a profound level. Patients are already reporting that they are feeling more energetic and their PAIN levels lessening. Weight loss becomes more consistent, and metabolism improves.
Sure the chiropractic helps as well as proper diet and taking the right supplements.
However, when you choose to go on the Alcat diet, all the other modalities will work so much better.
Good Health is a process.
My job is to introduce you to the proper natural therapies that have been shown to consistently work time and time again.
If you are interested in doing the Alcat test for either you or a family member, Just call the office and we'll tell you what you need to do.
Until next week....